About us:

The company counts more than 20 years of creative presence in the field of selling and processing natural stones and continues growing and developing.
Our main facilities are located in Tirana, Albania where most of the products are manufactured by us.

We have worked in the natural slate industry for nearly 20 years, learning the different skills required to manufacture and supply high quality slate products. Here are some of our Products:

• Roofing Slate (in many sizes, thicknesses and colours)
• Flooring
• Cladding
• Sills (window or capping)
• Large Slabs (bespoke cutting if needed)
• Slate Paviors
. Marble

We are proud to offer excellent standards of customer service and understand that as a customer, you require good quality slate products, produced and delivered at the right time.

There is, in our view, a symbiosis between the architecture of the exterior and that of the interior. This is not to equate the two in regard to their contexts, which clearly are different, but to relate them in terms of aesthetic consistency. Both are in service to a greater goal, which is to comprehensively serve the practical and symbolic aims of the building, while catering to very different environmental conditions.

Transformative placemaking
We create spaces that are engaging and uplifting that contribute to our collective sense of health and well-being, and encourage the sustainable stewardship of our communities.